Being featured in the galleries

Want more attention to your profile?
You can have one or more pictures of yourself featured on the frontpage and afterwards in the galleries - but there are a few requirements:

  • the picture(s) should be of decent quality - picture resolution, lighting, etc. Eg. a 320 x 240 webcam photo with low lighting will not be used.

  • the picture(s) must have a sexual - or atleast erotic - character

  • the picture(s) should preferably include your face and atleast enough 'body' to give a clear indication of your age

  • the picture(s) must ofcourse be of YOU and you must have the right to use the picture(s)

  • I - Dennis, the webmaster - decide which pictures will be featured, and I can't tell you when your pictures will be featured (as they are picked randomly by the server among all submitted pictures)

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Did you know that the featured pictures are changed up to 10 times a day? - so come by often!
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