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Phew! - if you still wish to create a profile I have some advice for you:

  • write a profile text!
    - write a little about yourself and what you're looking for - and be honest! If you only state your age and country you will probably not be contacted by the man of your dreams.

    - and please, do not try to include email or alternative contact means (or ask others to send them theirs in your profile text) - this also goes for social media links. Why ?

  • add a picture of yourself(!) to the profile if you have the possibility
    - picture profiles gets more attention (not necessary justified, but it's a fact).

  • supply a real and working email (non-temporary) address you have access to the first time - you won't get access to send/read messages before you have done so. The email address is kept confidential and only used to inform you when fundamental changes are made to the site or when you explicitly have chosen email options on the site.
    If you use spam filtering you'll have to allow messages from the domain/email addresses

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