Premium features

To encourage support and offer extra features to users who uses the site actively, I've decided to add features I call 'premium features'. These are features which are enabled for users who support the site with money to run the site. More about my motivation for adding the premium features can be found by reading 'About this site'

The feature list will grow over time, and is open for suggestions!

Premium features:
- list of profiles who have visited your profile - see more here
- possibility of having 'favorite profiles' - see more here
- see when your favorite profiles are online
- see last login time for profiles - see more here
- possibility of defining who is allow to contact you - profiles must meet your criteria in order to be allowed to contact you - see more here
- no limit on sending of messages
- access to profile galleries
- possibility of blocking messages from specific users
- you can see if you've been in contact with a user when you view his profile - and you can see the message that was last exchanged between you and him - see more here
- access to profile videos
- possibility of keeping private notes about profiles
- access to a 'light' version of the site ( ) that doesn't show the SilverDaddies logo and explicit pictures 'in your face'. Intended for use in public places :-)

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